MPEG Analysis for Semiconductor and Codec Development

MSight is a file-based media analyzer solution that provides the most in-depth testing and analysis of media streams at all levels of encoded data to achieve optimum video quality. The depth and reliability of testing and speed at which errors are detected allow organizations to address these errors quickly, thereby reducing the cost of errors.

One of MSight’s unique capabilities is its ability to run stream comparisons to determine the effectiveness of a stream over another. This allows for efficient optimization of video quality settings and algorithms. MSight also provides a powerful conformance test interface and regression scripting support, which makes quality control during codec development a lot easier. The key features of the MSight analyzer deliver measurable productivity and performance benefits to organizations that develop MPEG products.

    User Interface
  • Powerful seek engine provides fast, efficient, and easy-to-use navigation for any MPEG stream
  • Comprehensive MPEG data is grouped based on MPEG syntax, from sequence level down to block coefficient level
  • Graphical overlay of key data over video for faster analysis (MB Grid, Motion Vector, Field MB, MB size, MB Quant, MB Type and more)
  • Real-time decoding and analysis for streams up to HD resolution with Closed Caption, V-Chip and CGMS-A support

  • Instantly jumps to problem areas identified in any compliance test, even up to the specific macroblock
  • Inspects all aspects of the stream at the problem location, without having to manually correlate the error with the stream location
  • Ability to view stream in display or coded order, which enables user to watch step-by-step progression of complex operations in Decoded Picture Buffer or decoder reference picture marking

Compliance Testing

  • Comprehensive conformance tests at system, video and audio layer with unparalleled speed
  • Unified conformance test interface with HTML report
  • Powerful regression scripting support

Video Quality

  • Instant access to all relevant stream and picture level statistics, frame/field accurate navigation through video pictures
  • Easy long-term video complexity analysis with stream browser, fast local complexity analysis with picture bit distribution and overlay

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