IPTV / OTT Video Service Monitoring

IPTV and Video over IP services is a highly competitive business. IPTV and OTT Service Providers struggle to protect and growth their revenue. As a result quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) is crucial for long-term success in these market. Customers have high expectation for video quality and have little tolerance when they see bad video and service interruptions.

The impact of quality issues on MSOs (Cable, Satellite, and telcos) can be great as customers will not hesitate to move their services (voice, video and internet services) from one service provider to another. Similarly, with consumer demand for anytime, anywhere program viewing and the growing number of new OTT video services being offered, OTT Service Provider must ensure their customers are getting the best quality of experience. This is why video quality monitoring tools are so important and must be seen as a top priority for both IPTV and OTT services.

TeleSight provides high volume real-time content verification and monitoring capabilities for digital headends, IPTV networks, and OTT Services that deliver real-time video and audio streams.

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