MSight – File-based Media Analyzer

Many factors are at work to deliver a high quality video and audio experience to consumers.  Finding the right MPEG analysis tool to detect, pinpoint, and troubleshoot MPEG video files quickly and efficiently is critical in delivering  optimum video quality that consumers expect and demand.

MSight is a file-based media analyzer solution that provides the most in-depth testing and analysis of media streams at all levels of encoded data to achieve optimum video quality. The depth and reliability of testing and speed at which errors are detected allows organizations to address these errors quickly, thereby reducing  the cost of errors.

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Quick access to stream statistics provides greater effectiveness in improving video quality

MSight allows you to see it all …

Comprehensive conformance tests at system, video and audio layer

Stream and picture level statistics, frame/field accurate navigation through video pictures

Macroblock level analysis

Instant access to the lowest level syntax elements present in the compression standard

Graphical overlay of key data over video for faster analysis (MB Grid, Motion Vector, Field MB, MB size, MB Quant, MBType, … )

Real-time decoding and analysis for streams up to HD resolution with Closed Caption, V-Chip and CGMS-A support

Powerful seek engine provides fast, efficient, and easy-to-use navigation for any MPEG stream

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Harmonic, HBO, NBC Universal, Sony, Corus Entertainment

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Are you ready to see it all?

MSight exposes stream statistics that give digital media professionals valuable insight into the behavior of the compression algorithms, thereby accelerating modifications that need to be made. Users can then observe the effects of algorithm adjustments on bitrate and video quality by looking at a set of video stream statistics.

MSight provides users with the ability to “see it all” with instant access to the lowest level syntax elements present in the compression standard. MSight is the industry`s most optimized analyzer, which is crucial for dealing with HD content and the volumes of digital media being produced. Optimized performance means that hours’ worth of video and audio can be processed very quickly and problems can be identified, debugged, and fixed in the shortest possible timeframe.

Being able to work quickly with larger files means that MSight offers the greatest advantage for quality assurance and debugging of encoder products, especially when errors occur in larger streams. This also makes MSight ideal for checking long term bitrate characteristics of encoding algorithms for refinement.

One of MSight’s unique capabilities is its ability to run stream comparisons to determine the effectiveness of a stream over another. This allows for efficient optimization of video quality settings and algorithms. MSight also provides a powerful conformance test interface and regression scripting support, which makes quality control during codec development a lot easier. The key features of the MSight analyzer deliver measurable productivity and performance benefits to organizations that develop MPEG products.

Standard features include testing for a wide range of video compression standards to ensure in-depth bitstream analysis right down to low level syntax.

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MSight Applications

  • Codec development (hardware and software)
  • Broadcast (terrestrial and satellite)
  • IPTV
  • DTV
  • VOD
  • HD DVD
  • Video Conferencing
  • Wireless/Mobile Video
  • Content Houses and Digital Media Providers

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MSight Specifications

  • Support for H.264/AVC, SMPTE VC-1, MPEG-4 part 2, MPEG-2, and MPEG-1
  • Support for TS, PS, SS, VOB/E-VOB, MP4/3GP/3GP2/MOV, AVI, ASF/WMV, GXF, VES, AES and Planar YUV

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