AutoCheck – Automated File-based QC solution

Organizations in broadcast and digital media industries deal with volumes of media content, in different formats, and with a variety of different standards. Managing and ensuring content integrity and quality is a challenge that broadcasters, cable network operators, IPTV, and digital media providers face on a daily basis. Furthermore, the pressure to increase operational efficiencies force organization to find ways to streamline processes within the digital media development process.

AutoCheck is an automated file-based content validation and quality assurance system that provides real-time conformance testing on large volumes of file-based data. With a web-based interface, AutoCheck was designed to easily integrate into media processing workflows. AutoCheck supports MPEG-2, H.264, MPEG-4 v2, and VC-1 compression standards.


AutoCheck is a highly optimized media approval processor that is designed to give companies the greatest flexibility in their file based quality assurance strategies.

AutoCheck Highlights

Extremely fast conformance testing against large volumes of data

Support for all major media standards (including H.264, VC-1, MPEG-4, MPEG-2) and future extensibility as new support is added

Support for system and video level conformance

Check for existence of closed caption and XDS data

Video and audio configuration verification

Audio level test (silence, max level, clipping)

VOD CEP 2.0 conformance testing

Web interface to control and monitor testing

Omneon file support

Seamless integration with media servers on the market

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Leading broadcast and digital media companies use MiraVid

AT&T, Comcast, Corus Entertainment, Disney, HBO, Sony, Time Warner

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For Technical Users

  • Intuitive web-based interface allows remote test monitoring and configuration
  • Seamless integration into media workflow with hot folders and xml reports
  • Automate processes to minimize operator intervention
  • HTML reporting, including detailed test results and detailed logs
  • Integrate with MiraVid’s MSight Media Analysis to provide a complete solution to find and analyze any problem and take quick action

For Organizations

  • Ability to process and test high volume of batch files
  • Catch problems before they reach customers
  • Catch problems early in the workflow before time and resources are wasted on further processing
  • Optimal performance means minimal impact to workflow throughput

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AutoCheck Applications

  • Content Houses and Digital Media Providers
  • Video Archives
  • Encoding Farms
  • Post Production Houses

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AutoCheck Specifications

  • Program Stream Conformance
  • VOD CEP Compliance Test
  • Closed Caption (CC) and XDS (VChip/CGMS-A) Existence Test
  • MPEG-2/MPEG-1 Video Conformance
  • MPEG-4 v2 /H.263 Video Conformance
  • H.264/AVC Video Conformance
  • SMPTE VC-1 Video Conformance
  • Audio Level Test

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