File-Based Media Analyzers

Many factors are at work to deliver a high quality video and audio experience to consumers.  Finding the right MPEG analysis tool to detect, pinpoint, and troubleshoot MPEG video files quickly and efficiently is critical in delivering  optimum video quality that consumers expect and demand.

MiraVid offers file-based media analyzer solutions to meet the needs of organization in digital media and semiconductor industries.


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  • In-depth testing — transport, video, audio, and full video conformance
  • Real-time playback video streams
  • Full bitstream conformance testing
  • Inspect lowest level syntax elements in transport and video layers
  • Support for H.264/AVC, SMPTE VC-1, MPEG-4 part 2, MPEG-2, and MPEG-1

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  • Comprehensive testing — system, audio and video level conformance
  • Fully automated, schedule testing times to meet workflow requirements
  • Customizable testing profiles and options
  • Real-time deep bitstream testing
  • VOD CEP 2.0 conformance testing

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Support – support@miravid.com

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Leading companies rely on MSight

Harmonic, HBO, NBC Universal, Sony, Corus Entertainment

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In-Depth Video Compression Analysis and Conformance Testing

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Standard features include testing for a wide range of video compression standards to ensure in-depth bitstream analysis right down to low level syntax.

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