MiraVid Releases MSight Media Analyzer 2.0

New capabilities Provides Customers with Complete End-to-End Coverage

Richmond Hill, Ontario – Apr 15, 2008 – MiraVid Inc., a global provider of MPEG technologies and tools, today announced the release of MSight Media Analyzer version 2.0 which is the industry’s most optimized file-based analyzer delivering optimal HD performance.

MSight has been architecture based on a key element – performance. “HD support isn’t acceptable if you spend more time waiting for the tool than using it,” said Hugo Chung, President of MiraVid Inc. “Optimal performance means that MSight has a much broader application than ASIC and codec development, which also benefits from the faster performance.”

The set of features in MSight Media Analyzer 2.0 serves the need of MiraVid’s customers. New features of MSight Media Analyzer include:

  • VOD CEP 2.0 conformance engine
  • Closed Caption
  • CGMS-A
  • Omneon and AVI file support
  • Unified conformance testing for entire file with HTML report
  • Scripting support for regression testing
  • Elementary stream extraction from transport or program stream
  • Video quality measurements with YUV extraction and playback
  • Audio level test (silence, max level, digital clipping detection)
  • Video level test (frozen and black frame detection)
  • DigiBeta artifact detection
  • IDCT plug-in for bit accurate reference for encoder developers

With existing support for complete transport and program analysis, as well most popular media standards including H.264, VC-1, MPEG-4, and MPEG-2, MSight offers a one-stop shopping experience for all your analysis requirements.

“MSight has had great success being adopted by fortune 500 companies and world leaders in the industries of broadcast, media distribution, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and telecommunications,” said Richard Baker, Vice President of Sales MiraVid Inc. “We are looking towards serving more customers and providing more advanced features in the future.”

MSight is an integral part of the complementary quality assurance products offer by MiraVid with complete end-to-end coverage, spanning from content creation through to transmission; every base is covered.

About MiraVid

MiraVid provides analysis and conformance testing products for Server files, IPTV, VOD and DTV ensuring optimal video content using reliable tools for digital media analysis. Founded in 2005, MiraVid Inc. was created by compression specialists to advance the video compression industry by providing powerful tools for manufacturers and digital content providers.

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