MiraVid Embeds Zixi into Their Centric Series Live Encoder and IRD

SEPTEMBER 08, 2015

Zixi, the industry leader of live broadcast-quality video delivery over public and private IP networks to any device, anywhere, at any time, and MiraVid, engineering solutions focused on delivering quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS), including professional live stream encoding and IRD solutions, announce that MiraVid are embedding Zixi Feeder™, and Zixi Receiver™ into their Centric series Live encoder and IRD enabling broadcast quality video delivery over IP using Zixi-Link™.

“MiraVid Centric is a set of video encoding and transcoding solutions that addresses the need to process live stream SD/HD digital content – encoding, decoding, and transcoding – with maximum efficiency, reliability, and quality of experience,” stated Hugo Chung, CEO for MiraVid. “By embedding Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver into our Centric Live encoders and IRDs, we are enabling broadcasters and network operators, who are faced with the challenges of keeping up with the amount of bandwidth required for transmission, to send high quality video (SD/HD/UHD), securely, over any distance, using Zixi and Zixi-Link over managed and unmanaged internet connections.”

“We are excited that MiraVid has added Zixi Feeder and Receiver to their Centric product line, known for delivering broadcast-quality live stream video encoding, transcoding, and IRD solutions with maximum efficiency” added Ray Thompson, Vice President Product Marketing at Zixi. “ MiraVid’s Centric product line is ideal for use in cable, broadcast, and telco head ends for taking live feeds from satellite and delivering high quality live SD/HD video economically, over any distance, securely using Zixi’s network aware protocol.”
MiraVid will be using the Zixi SDK to embed Zixi Feeder into their Centric Encoder Live and will be embedding Zixi Receiver into their Centric IRD. Customers can now leverage this integration to form a Zixi-Link™ between a Centric Live encoder and a Centric IRD, enabling a point to point or multi-point connection to send broadcast quality video over any distance between Zixi enabled MiraVid devices. Zixi-Link can be used for contribution, distribution, satellite backup, disaster recovery, live event production, and linear channel delivery over a standard internet connection.

To learn more about the Zixi-Link, Zixi Edge Points (Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver), visit http://www.zixi.com or visit Zixi at IBC in Hall 14 Stand 14.G04. To learn more about MiraVid Centric line of products visit http://www.miravid.com/ or visit the MiraVid booth in Hall 14 Stand 14.L02.

About Zixi

Zixi is revolutionizing contribution, management, production, distribution and consumption of studio-quality video on the Internet. By enabling broadcast news, live sports, service providers, enterprises and video equipment manufacturers to use unmanaged IP networks like the Internet for reliable content delivery to any device, any time anywhere. Zixi’s proven, unique transport software eliminates the problems in transporting video that are inherent in IP networks and delivers video of unprecedented quality with no stutter, packet loss or frame-freeze regardless of network conditions. Customers using Zixi to enhance their users’ experiences include NASDAQ OMX, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Stryker and News Corp. Zixi is privately held and based in Waltham, MA.

About MiraVid

MiraVid, based in Toronto, Canada, provides a suite of complementary quality assurance products designed to help companies attain the highest quality, error free video throughout their media distribution chain. MiraVid solutions are focused on delivering quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS), ranging from professional live stream encoding and transcoding to real-time video monitoring with built in MPEG conformance testing to file-based QC analysis tools that are used to optimize compression efficiency or debug any MPEG-based product or distribution process.

For more information, contact sales@miravid.com.
dated: Sept 8, 2015