MiraVid Announces Support for Audio Loudness Monitoring and CALM Compliance

MiraVid announces further enhancements to its real-time multiviewer and analysis solution, TeleSight, with support for monitoring loudness as specified under the CALM Act ATSC A/85 RP, North America., the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-R, BS 1770-2), and the European Broadcast Union (EBU R 128; EBU Tech-3341/42/43/44), putting an end to viewer frustrations over annoying fluctuations of audio when changing between programs and commercial breaks.

We Hear You.

Industry acceptance of the Loudness standards and recommendations has led to broadcasters, network operators, content providers and IPTV providers searching for a device that displays and interprets loudness measurements for compliance verification. MiraVid has addressed these industry challenges with the TeleSight Multiviewer and Analyzer Loudness Logging and Monitoring module. Following the ease-of-use of our TeleSight options, the loudness information is presented in a simple manner. The current integrated, short-term, momentary loudness, loudness range, target loudness, and true peak level are clearly indicated with both a bar graph and data display. Parameters are set by the operator with TeleSight default recommendations according to the industry standards and recommendations.

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