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Managing and ensuring video content integrity and quality is a challenge. MiraVid provides video quality solutions to help companies deliver the best quality of experience and quality of service to their customers. Our solutions address the challenges of digital video delivery that broadcaster, cable network operators, OTT/IPTV service providers, content providers, and equipment manufacturers face on a daily basis. By allowing our customers to monitor, analyze, and optimize their video services throughout their entire broadcast chain, they can ensure the best quality of every viewing experience is delivered.

From real-time video monitoring solutions and multiviewers to in-depth MPEG test and analysis tools for codec development, MiraVid solutions have been successfully deployed by IPTV and OTT providers, cable and satellite operators, government, and encoder manufacturers around the world.

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Video Quality Solutions Solutions
Monitor.  Measure.  Analyze.  Improve.


IPTV and OTT Video Service
& Monitoring & Testing

  • Monitor and test Live and VOD services
  • IP layer Analysis and detailed stream statistics
  • Video Quality testing at all levels – transport, video, and audio
  • On-screen alarms and active alarms views for quick troubleshooting

Multi-Source Video
Real-Time Monitor & Analyzer

  • Support for multiple input sources — IP (SPTS, MPTS, RTSP, RTMP, HLS), ASI, RF, SDI (HD, SD)
  • On-screen alarms and alerts for efficient troubleshooting
  • Error logging and notifications (local, Syslog, SNMP, and email/SMS) ensures quick detection of issues


Audio Loudness Monitoring
& & Logging

  • Broadcast compliance loudness monitoring (ATSC A/85, itu bs,1770, and EBU R128)
  • Measures Integrated, Short-term, Momentary Loudness, Dialnorm, and Loudness Range
  • Historical Loudness Graphics and alarms
  • Supports multiple sources, including IP, ASI, SDI and RF sources

MPEG Analysis for Semiconductor
and Codec Development

  • Comprehensive MPEG data is grouped based on MPEG syntax, from sequence level down to block coefficient level
  • Graphical overlay of key data over video for faster analysis (MB Grid, Motion Vector, Field MB, MB size, MB Quant, MB Type and more)
  • Powerful seek engine provides fast, efficient, and easy-to-use navigation for any MPEG stream